Art D’vine Yoga: Honoring Traditional Hatha Yoga & Vedic Knowledge for Holistic Wellness

Discovering the Ancient Wisdom of Yoga with Swami Sachidanand Ji of D’vine Yoga

For centuries, Indian traditional Hatha Yoga and Vedic Knowledge have been celebrated for their ability to cultivate inner peace, balance, and physical wellbeing. Swami Sachidanand Ji, the founder of D’vine Yoga, has dedicated himself to sharing these ancient teachings with the world, fostering joy, love, and happiness. Delve into the fascinating journey of Swami Sachidanand Ji and discover the transformative power of traditional Hatha Yoga.

Early Education and Initiation

Swami Sachidanand ji was born in North India and nurtured in the Vedic Tradition and numerous Yoga styles. He was initiated into basic yogic kriyas, pranayamas, and meditations at a young age by Swami Vinodanand Ji, his teenage guru. His explorations of the Yogic Lifestyle led to graduation in Yoga Philosophy (Eastern and Western) and post-graduation from Punjab University.

The Journey to D’vine Yoga

In 2013, Swami Sachidanand Ji moved to Rishikesh and registered “Art D’vine Yoga,” an organization that focuses on teaching Vedic Knowledge, and traditional Hatha Yoga in Rishikesh and Dharamshala. In 2015, he registered D’vine Yoga with Yoga Alliance, offering Teacher Training Courses worldwide. He also completed the “Therapeutic Yoga Teacher Training” program (AYTTC- 980 hours) under the International Association of Yoga Therapists (IAYT) at Amrita Healing Centre.

Today, Swami Sachidanand Ji continues to embody the spirit of D’vine Yoga, with a mission to spread the joy of traditional Hatha Yoga and the Vedic Lifestyle globally. With over 500-hour E-RYT with Yoga Alliance and a vast pool of knowledge from his therapeutic AYTTC under IAYT accreditation, Swami Sachidanand Ji is perfectly positioned to integrate Western medical science perspectives on Yoga and Eastern Yogic Wisdom for the benefit of his students.

Incorporating Ancient Wisdom for Holistic Wellness

D’vine Yoga offers personalized training programs to students from diverse backgrounds and all levels of yoga experience, empowering them to achieve balance in all areas of life. The program focuses on classical yoga teachings, traditional Hatha yoga, Pranayama (breathing techniques), and Meditation practices. Swami Sachidanand Ji’s approach is unique, combining restorative yoga postures, ancient Vedic principles, holistic therapies, and sound healing techniques to set his students on a path to finding their inner peace.

Swami Sachidanand Ji happily speaks of his journey in yoga and aims to share its benefits with his students: “Traditional Yoga helps to restore balance in the body and mind to promote health and happiness,” he believes.

The Future of D’vine Yoga

D’vine Yoga, registered with the Govt. of India, is Swami Sachidanand Ji’s dream come true. The organization is spreading traditional Hatha Yoga teachings, a Vedic way of life, and a vision of wholesome health and wellness across the globe. Swami Sachidanand Ji and D’vine Yoga’s team of passionate teachers have trained thousands of people in India and abroad, received rave reviews, and have transformed countless lives.

Through Art D’vine Yoga and D’vine Yoga, Swami Sachidanand Ji continues to honor the age-old tradition of Yoga in its truest form.

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