Nurturing Curiosity and Sustainability: A Journey at Kangaroo Kids Nursery Dubai

Nestled in the heart of Al Safa 2, Kangaroo Kids Nursery Dubai isn’t just a place for early childhood education—it’s a vibrant community where curiosity thrives and sustainability is a way of life. For over 18 years, Kangaroo Kids has been igniting a love of learning in young minds, guided by principles that celebrate both inquiry-based learning and environmental stewardship.

Curiosity Approach Accreditation and Child-Led Learning

At Kangaroo Kids, children are seen as capable individuals at the center of their own development. As the only Curiosity Approach Accredited setting in Dubai, the nursery combines this innovative approach with the British Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) curriculum. This unique blend fosters a child-led learning environment where curiosity is sparked through exploration and hands-on experiences. Here, every day is an adventure, encouraging children to discover, question, and learn through their natural curiosity.

Embracing Sustainability and Environmental Consciousness

Beyond academics, Kangaroo Kids is committed to cultivating kindness and respect for nature. With a sprawling 25,000-square-foot garden, the nursery provides ample space for outdoor play and exploration—a Forest School approach that connects children deeply with the natural world. Sustainability isn’t just taught; it’s lived and practiced daily, instilling in young learners the importance of protecting our planet. From learning about recycling to exploring the wonders of the garden, every activity emphasizes environmental consciousness and stewardship.

Community and Connection

More than just a nursery, Kangaroo Kids fosters a warm and inclusive community. Families from diverse cultural backgrounds come together, supported by dedicated educators who prioritize collaboration and partnership. The nursery believes in the proverbial village, where every child’s journey is supported by a network of caring adults dedicated to their well-being and growth.

A Message of Warmth and Welcome

Principal Laura encapsulates Kangaroo Kids’ ethos: “We believe in nurturing not just minds, but hearts. Our nursery is a sanctuary where kindness, curiosity, and positivity shape every interaction. Together, we inspire children to believe in the magic of learning and the importance of caring for our world.”

Join Kangaroo Kids Nursery Dubai on a journey where learning meets adventure, curiosity sparks imagination, and sustainability shapes future leaders. Discover how your child can thrive in an environment that values connection, protects our planet, and celebrates the joy of learning every day.

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