Embracing the Path of Harmony: A Journey through Spirituality and Healing

Adi Ananda Parashakti’s life is a testament to the transformative power of spirituality, healing, and self-discovery. From a young age, Adi felt an innate curiosity about the mysteries of the mind and soul. This curiosity led her on an extraordinary journey that has touched the lives of many and continues to inspire those seeking balance and inner peace.

The Awakening

Adi’s spiritual quest began in her childhood, sneaking into libraries to explore the workings of the mind and the nourishment of the soul. Her curiosity about spirituality deepened when she encountered Za-zen meditation from Zen Buddhism traditions at the age of 20. This was a pivotal moment for Adi, as she experienced a profound life change that set her on a path of spiritual exploration and dedication.

Embracing Yoga

With a desire to integrate body, mind, and soul, Adi pursued a 500-hour Yoga Teacher Training at the Swami Sivananda Ashram in Italy, Germany, and India. This journey introduced her to the transformative power of yoga, from mastering hundreds of asanas to understanding the importance of pranayama (breathing exercises) and mantras. Yoga became a cornerstone of her life, providing healing and awareness that helped her navigate various life challenges, including pregnancy and injury recovery.

Adi’s passion for yoga extended beyond personal practice; she specialized in pre and post-natal yoga and baby massage, helping new mothers connect with their babies and their own bodies. She also explored Yoga Therapy, Business Yoga, Watsu (Shiatsu in water), and Woga (yoga in water), developing unique methods that catered to diverse needs.

Expanding Horizons: Energy Healing and Tantra

Despite her extensive knowledge and practice, Adi felt the need to delve deeper into higher levels of existence. She became an Access Bars Practitioner, Crystal Therapist, Usui Reiki Master, and Theta Healing Instructor, equipping herself with tools to cleanse and recharge her energy field. These practices brought clarity and protection, enhancing her ability to manage her body, mind, and emotions.

However, Adi’s journey didn’t stop there. She ventured into the realms of Shamanic Healing and Sexual Tantra, seeking to understand and express her wild, instinctive nature. Through Tantra, Adi discovered a sacred connection with both her inner and outer nature, using sexual energy as a force for healing and connection. She integrated these teachings into her life, revitalizing her relationship with her husband and offering Couple and Single Tantra sessions and workshops to her students.

Shamanic Healing provided Adi with tools to confront and overcome subconscious patterns and behaviors, allowing her to guide others through similar transformations.

Founding BMS Awakening and Healing Center

In 2019, Adi founded the BMS Awakening and Healing Center in Dubai, a sanctuary of spirituality and healing. Every space in the center radiates love and wisdom, reflecting Adi’s dedication to creating an environment where individuals can explore and heal.

Adi’s Healing Methodology: The Triad of Harmony

Adi’s approach to healing emphasizes the harmony between Body, Mind, and Spirit. She believes that true potential lies in balancing these three aspects, leading to total awareness and unleashing one’s true self. Her methodology integrates this triad, enabling individuals to stand in their center with awareness and harness their inner energy.

Adi offers various healing programs, each designed to address specific issues:

Escape Depression: Break patterns of suffering and return to the joy of living.

Stress Release: Recharge your spirit with divine energy.

Relationship Recovery: Reconnect with your partner and rejoin your paths.

Emotions Mastery: Learn to control emotions rather than being controlled.

Sexuality and Tantra: Unleash the power of suppressed sexual energy.

Light Warrior: Become the best version of yourself.

Adi Ananda Parashakti’s journey is an inspiring story of self-discovery, healing, and the quest for inner harmony. Her dedication to spirituality and her extensive knowledge have enabled her to help countless individuals find balance and peace. Through her center and her teachings, Adi continues to guide others on their paths to becoming better, more harmonious versions of themselves.

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