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In a bustling city like Dubai, amidst the skyscrapers and fast-paced lifestyles, Antoinette Yammine has carved out a sanctuary for inner peace and personal transformation. As a Meditation Master and certified Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) practitioner under the guidance of renowned therapist Marisa Peer, Antoinette combines ancient wisdom with modern therapeutic techniques to guide individuals towards holistic wellness.

Discovering Her Path

Antoinette’s journey to becoming a beacon of tranquility and healing began with a pivotal realization. Despite achieving success in the corporate world with an MBA and navigating the challenges of a competitive industry, she felt a profound sense of dissatisfaction. It was only when she listened to her inner voice and embraced her childhood gift for meditation and healing that she found true fulfillment.

Founding AYAH: A Haven of Healing

In 2021, Antoinette founded AYAH, a nurturing space in Dubai dedicated to fostering health, peace, and happiness. AYAH, which stands for ‘A Home for All’, reflects Antoinette’s vision of creating a supportive community where individuals can embark on transformative journeys. Whether through meditation sessions that soothe the soul or RTT sessions that unlock subconscious barriers, AYAH is committed to guiding each person towards their authentic self.

Embracing Diversity and Trust

Central to AYAH’s philosophy is a commitment to inclusivity and confidentiality. Antoinette emphasizes a zero-tolerance mindset towards judgment and ensures that every individual feels welcomed and respected. Clients trust AYAH not only for its effective therapies but also for its unwavering dedication to confidentiality and respect for personal journeys.

Client Testimonials

The impact of Antoinette’s work at AYAH is profound, as evidenced by glowing testimonials from clients like Yasmin Khalil, who found resolution in just three sessions. Yasmin’s experience underscores AYAH’s ability to facilitate rapid and lasting change, making it a trusted sanctuary for personal growth and healing.

Looking Ahead

As AYAH continues to grow, Antoinette remains dedicated to expanding her reach and helping more individuals discover their inner strength and purpose. Through ongoing meditation training, chakra healing, and RTT sessions, Antoinette and her team at AYAH are poised to make even greater strides in the realm of holistic wellness.

Come and join AYAH, and take the first step towards a better, happy, and healthy life, equipped with the powerful gift of transformation through their distinctive services.

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